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  2. Your Attention Please
  3. Rescue Notes & Cruelty Cases
  4. Volunteers Who Made This Month Remarkable
  5. Press & Net Corner
  6. Anti-Rabies Drives
  7. Murbad Rescue Center News
  8. Conferences / Workshops / Trainings / Awareness / Visitors
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  10. In-kind Donations
  11. Tree Cutting / Pet Dogs / Society Feeding Cases
  12. Your Chance to Help Our Noble Cause 


As costs of operating organization are rising, we are in need of more monthly contributors, who can support our rescue activities each month by donating small amount. Kindly spread the word.

Warm Regards,




PAWS are always in need of funds as it is fully dependent on local donations from animal lovers, volunteers & valuable supporters like you. Even a small contribution will make a difference to the lives of the injured animals.

For Direct Transfer of Donations –

Bank: ICICI Bank Ltd.

Branch: Dombivli, MIDC Branch

A/C. No.: 008801026804


IFSC Code: ICIC0000088



Since PAWS operates in and around Dombivli-Kalyan towns of Thane district areas, our team was busy handling different types of rescue calls this month.

# This month, PAWS Team attended & rescued a total of 83 (Average 3 cases per day), rescued animals including 27 Pups, 43 Dogs, 6 Cats, 7 Kitten. Some animals were given immediate first aid treatment by our local vets Dr. Rohit & Dr. Lalitha Gopalan. The rest were sent to PAWS Murbad Rescue Center for hospitalization according to type injuries / diseases cases received by PAWS, were administered by Dr. Lalitha Gopalan (LDO) & Dr. Dharmaraj Raibole (LDO).

# PAWS office was busy handling a total of  17 bird cases this month with 2 average birds each week, while some were released the same day, most of the birds were immediately hospitalized after proper isolation & treated with due intimation to Kalyan forest department. Some were admitted to SPCA. Bird species which were rescued and treated including species like Pigeon, Barn Owl , Myan , Indian Pond Heron , Cattle Egret , Water Hen , Love Birds , Copper Smith Barbet , Crow.

# Total of 2 wildlife rescue calls were attended in this month successfully by Team PAWS which included 1 Rat snake, 1 Buff Stripped Keelback, Wolf snakes, Monitor lizard.

# A Total of 98 strays were given vaccinations this month June 2017.

# Total reach to animals this month is 435.



Thanks to all young volunteers who contributed to our cause this month & made PAWS remarkable….Hats off to Team PAWS.

Help in vaccination Drives:

A special thanks Our Co-Founder Nilesh Bhanage and volunteers Raj Maru, Sadhana , Rajeshwari, Balaji , Jitendra , Kaustav , Poornima, Vaibhav, Gunjali, Ajay , Madhu bala , Pavan , Dipti , Abhishek , Lekha , Rohit , Saurab.

Donations, Fundraising, Exhibitions, Events & Donations Pick-ups:

We thank our volunteers Sadhana, Bhaskar, Jitendra, Prashant, Ritesh for their help in fundraising events, Individual donations, medicines donations & others donation Pickups.




Feeding milk to snake may kill them, warns forest dept

Freny Fernandes | TNN | Updated: Jul 26, 2017, 10:35 PM IST


# PAWS Founder Nilesh’s Interview Appeared in Afternoon DC



Friday, June 16, 2017

By Aishwarya Parameshwaran


# PAWS is always fore-front in networking, sites & social networking, to get closer to all supporters, volunteers & members PAWS has following websites, where in you can post comments, on our updated homepage:


# We have campaign websites:



# PAWS conduct many projects & activities during the year, have a look




# PAWS is also having its own TV on YouTube, You can subscribe it….


# PAWS Group is having more than 5500 subscribers on facebook, wherein they regularly receive updates on rescues


# PAWS also has its own page on facebook with 1000 supporters, you can click on ‘LIKE’ button.


# PAWS is also on twitter, you can follow:


PAWS Founder Nilesh also has his own fan page & facebook profile:





Team PAWS is always forefront and proactive with local animal activists in making the city Rabies-Free. We conduct multiple anti- rabies drives every month.


# FREE Anti-Rabies Vaccination Drive conducted in the month of June are as follows @ Lodha Palava on 8th July,@ Dombivli Station on12th July, @Sitaram nagar Dom (E) on16th July, @Shiv Mandir, Ram Nagar Dom(E) on 22nd July , @New Ayre road Dom(E)  on 22nd July, @Adharwadi jail road Klayan (W) on 21th July,@ Koper cross road Dom (W)  on 30th July.



In this current financial year 2017-18, Team PAWS organized 23 Anti-rabies drives & Team PAWS vaccinated 804 animals against rabies and 8 animals were treated with first aid during Drives.


PAWS started its own rescue center spread over 1 acre at Crystal Homes Premises in Murbad since November 2010. The land was gifted by Hon. Minister Smt. Maneka Gandhi. We treat various injured animals, rescued animals found homes. In November 2016, Murbad Center Celebrated 5 years of successful running.


## Infrastructure Updates:

In January 2017, with help from House of Anita Dongre Ltd, PAWS Started renovation.

In phase 1, we are built new Operation Theater. Currently the work going on.

In April 2015 we constructed a new shelter for crippled animals as an addition to our Murbad Shelter.

In financial year 2013-14, we have installed following things

New Grills & Sheds

Solar Street Lights 2 Nos.

750 Liters Water Tank Installation

Carpet for Accident Recovery Ward

In  financial year 2012-13, we have installed following things

OPD Room Renewal

Distemper Ward Making

Accident Recovery Ward Making

In financial year 2010-11, we built kennels & basic infrastructure.

## Treatments:


In July 2017 month PAWS Murbad Rescue Center received & treated following numbers of cases:

Total In-coming Patients – 49

Dogs – 46

Cats – 3

Pups – 7

Kitten – 0

We also look after many residential animals in centre

Resident Animals Total – 20

Dogs – 18

Pup – 0

Cats – 2

Kittens – 0

Catt;e / Calf – 0

Breed Pets – 0

Total Animals received @ center in this month – Resident + Patient = 69

## Our Monthly Urgent Needs:

We started using the place in November 2010. Our Staff & Security salary goes up to 95,000/- each month & total cost of running services for a month goes up to 1,25,000/- which including hospital medicines, cleaning material, animals’ food etc. It is hard task for us to collect this much money every month, but we do our best & gather the money required for our rescue operations. But we really cannot spare a single rupee for repairs & development work. The Rescue center in desperate need of makeover & we need a minimum of 25,00,000/- to get it built in proper shape with the required facilities.

Please spread the word. Donation in kind like medicines, kitchen utensils, dog food, cleaning material etc. are always welcome & all in-kind donations will be acknowledged.

The photos of our center are uploaded on face book, have a look  http://www.facebook.com/PAWSASIA#!/media/set/?set=a.411644419131.195744.542969131



# PAWS Founder Nilesh, organization a seminar on First aid For NGO Spark on 6th May

Following day’s posters made and circulated:

22nd July World Day for Bulls

27th July Nag Panchami

28th July World Nature

29th International Tiger Day



Various NGO’s are fighting on a day-to-day basis on the streets to rescue animals, look after them, try and give them a better life than the streets’ – Hunger, Cold, Heat & struggle for survival. This made us stop and think for a moment…we decided to takeup the cause at a larger scale & started PAWS. We face thousands of hurdles each year, with compassion under the PAWS Banner. People assume that NGOs’ must provide on-lip-call service, free service, and round-the-clock service anytime there is an emergency with an animal on street, highway & so on…
However, very few think about the what goes behind providing these services; handling daily help lines, rescue calls, wildlife rehab, services on time, staff management, getting resources like food, medicines, money etc. But some kind-hearted people think beyond an injured animal on street.

# Monthly Contributions:

PAWS supporters Manish Mittal, Jaiganesh M, Vasantgopi Mudaliar, Vitrag Jain Mitra Mandal, Sanjeev Kumar, Supriyo Mukherjee, Nisha Tellis, Firoza Chavda & Subramanian, Sunjewels PVT. LTD., Kala Jaywant, Prashant Bunnawar, Ajay Raghunath, Rahul Pagare , Prashant Pandey, Shonita Joshi contributed in our monthly Donation Scheme.


# Cash Donations:

We also thanks to our donors who contributed this month for various projects & Day-To-Day functioning… (Donations Rs. 1,000/- or above

Swapna Joshi, Jay Thakkar, Katie Bagli , Harihara Subramanian, Mohani Gupta , Arvind Kumar , Rekha Deshmukh , Arunisha Sengupta , Poornima Balan , Rekha Pandey, Freni Patole, Vasantgopi Mudliyar , Chirag Nagda , Kaizad Daruwalla , Dr. Baswant , Mastek Foundation , Shilpa Harkare , Dr. Mahopatra , Pritam Vaidya , Dipti Jadhav, Vikrant Madchetty, Rotary club of Thane, Siddharth Bhomkar, Asawari Iyer.

# Audited Reports:

Past 3 Years Audited Financial Reports Of The Trust Are Now Uploaded On PAWS Website.
They are visible on following Link…

You can like page & even write comment home page bottom box.




PAWS accepts old clothes, newspapers, scrap, old books & from sale for these items goes for life saving work by PAWS. If you would like to donate any of these items call PAWS on 9820161114.



In this financial year, we @ PAWS received many complaints on stray feeding issues. PAWS immediate sent notices to the concerned, got forms filled from animal volunteer’s on feeder cards and provided them with law copies & posters as well.

# PAWS sent a stern notice to the managing committee of  Dhiren Makwana Akash wing CHS, Indarprasth complex on3th July ,2017 who were troubling stray Dogs in their area.

# PAWS sent a stern notice to the managing committee of Geeta Jadhav Sai Krupa CHS Virar (E) 11th July 2017 who were troubling stray dogs in their area.

# PAWS sent a stern notice to the managing committee of Pooja Mehta Sunrise Apartment Malad on 13th July 2017 who were troubling stray Cats in their area.

# PAWS sent a stern notice to the managing committee of Kathlina Kuttikar Shree Murlidhar CHS Kalyan (W) on 25th July 2017 who were troubling Pet dogs in their area.

# PAWS sent a stern notice to the managing committee of Rupa shah Gokul Heaven CHS Kandivali on 22nd  July 2017 who were troubling stray dogs in their area.



IF you are facing problem such please send us the details of the problem via e-mail with the name of the society, the chairman’s name & address and your name & address & email us at pawsnilesh@gmail.com  ____________________________________________________________________________


Your small contribution would make a big difference! With two ambulances, trained volunteers and four staff member, being in possession of an entire animal rescue gear and medical kit, PAWS works tirelessly throughout the year. Anyone wishing to

become a volunteer with PAWS or wanting to donate, may call us on 9920777536 or send us an e-mail at pawsnilesh@gmail.com.

Donation Cheques /DD’s can be drawn in the name of ‘Plant & Animals Welfare Society‘ on the address given below:
A-18, SavitriSadan,
Dr. Mukharji Road, Near Nehru Ground,
Dombivli (East) 421201, Maharashtra, India.
As a registered NGO, PAWS will send you a receipt & Tax Exemption certificate for all your donations at the earliest. Many thanks, Best wishes and Love from all of us.



Plant & Animals Welfare Society – PAWS is


*Affiliated with World Wide Animal Society (WWAS), UK.

*Organizational Partner of the Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs (ACC&D).

*Member Society of ‘Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations’ (FIAPO).

*Organizational Partner of International Bird Conservation Network (IBCN).

*Member Society of World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA), UK.

*Associated with International Organization for Animal Protection (IOAP).

*Affiliated with World Animal Net (WAN) Directory, USA.

*Registered under the Society’s Registration Act XXIX of 1960 with registration No. Maha/587-2001/Thane dated 7th July 2001, Thane.

*Registered with the Charity Commissioner as Trust with registration No. F 9600 – Thane vide certificate dated 11th September 2001, Thane.

*Donations are exempted from Income Tax under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act 1961, as per Certificate no. THN/C.I.T.-1/TECH.1/80G/86/2011-12/1825 valid for life time.

*Registered Under section 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 vide letter dated May 01, 2002. Letter No. THN/CIT-III/J&T/184/2002-Thane.

*Recognized by ‘Animal Welfare Board of India’ (AWBI), Ministry of Forests & Environment, GOVT. OF INDIA, Chennai.