CEO’S Profile.

Hello, my name is

Mr. Nilesh Bhanage

About me

Presently working as Executive Director & CEO in management category in Plant & Animals Welfare Society (PAWS).

Memberships & Recognition:

  1. Hony. Animal Welfare Officer – Govt. of India since July 2002 till 2007

(Which authorizes a person to initiate action against cruelty inflicted upon Wildlife & Stray, Pet Animals)

  1. Member of Animal Birth Control Committee – Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation. (Which undertakes Control on Stray animal’s population by humane methods within municipal limits)
  2. Hony. Animal Welfare Officer – ‘Animal Welfare Board of India’ since 1999. Also Hony. Animal Welfare Officer from Committee to supervise Animal Laws in Maharashtra, Mumbai High Court from 2009 till 2010.
  3. Member of “People for Animals” – India’s largest charity for Animal Welfare.
  4. Started Animal Welfare work at the age of 18.
  5. Founder Trustee of  “Plant & Animals Welfare Society” – PAWS, a charity established in Thane Dist. to protect wildlife and provide medical help to distressed stray animals.
  6. Founder member of Thane SPCA & Trustee till April 2007.
  7. Nominee for Animal Experimentation Committee in New Bombay
  8. Founder Trustee of New Bombay Animal Lovers Association.
  9.  Attended “Asia for Animals Conference” in Singapore 2005, Chennai 2007 & Bali 2008, Singapore 2010 representing PAWS. Was speaker at 2010 conference & also conducted workshop on ‘Working with Volunteers’. Also attended first India for Animals Conference 2011 held in Chennai. Attended Wild Animal Rescue Network (WARN) in Bangkok 2011 also attended (WARN) conference in Hong Kong November 2014. Conducted workshop on ‘Volunteer Management’ @ Asia for Animals Conference 2014 held @ Singapore & Speaker @ Asia for Animals 2015 Sarawak, Malaysia.
  10. Received ‘Hero to Animals’ Award from president of PETA, Ms. Ingrid Newkirk in February 2007.
  11.  Actively involved with NSS and Social Work during college years. Also received Best Camper award in NSS.
  12. 18 years of experience in “Snake & Wildlife Rescues & Relocations” and Rehab.
  13. Executive to first Managing committee of ‘Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations’ (FIAPO) on communications & Outreach.
  14. Member of PETA India & Maharashtra Pakshi-Mitra NGO’s.
  15. Received award from Fedration of Indian Animal Protection Orgnizations (FIAPO) for ‘Volunteer Relationship Award’ during India For Animals Conference 2012, held in November 2012 @ Goa.
  16. Received award from Inner-Wheel Club of Dombivli in recognition & appreciation of Valuable participation in serving the community in March 2013.
  17. Received Award from PETS ZOO 2016 International Exhibition held @ World Trade Center in April 2016.

Achievements & Awards under PAWS Banner:

  1. PAWS appeared in Limca Book of Records as “India’s Youngest Animal Rehabilitation Team” in 2005.
  2. Conducted successful census of “Captive Elephants of Maharashtra” in year 2006 under PAWS banner. Scientifically studied more then 35 captive elephants from Satara, Sangali, Thane, Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Ahmednagar, Solapur etc.
  3. PAWS received award from Sushil Kumar Sharma Foundation, Gwaliar for Environment Protection in 2009.
  4. PAWS was selected as ‘Non-Profit of the Month’ in May 2005 by Karmayog Website for its ‘Outstanding service to the society’.
  5. PAWS started Thane district’s first Ambulance service for animals which were also first service for animals in Kalyan-Dombivli. Today more than 2000 animals are rescued yearly. Thane Dist. Largest Animal Hospital today run by PAWS with 45 small animals at-a-time as patients.
  6. PAWS helps more than 1200 stray & wild animals, birds and reptiles every year under self leadership.
  7. Today PAWS boosts more then 200 active volunteers across district for various activities like fundraising, Rescue, Wildlife Rehabilitation, Publicity and Education & Awareness.
  8. PAWS organizes maximum no. of vaccination camps for cattle and helps over 100 cattle every year.
  9. PAWS regularly organizes Anti-rabies vaccination camps which covers over 1800 stray dogs every year in Thane & Mumbai & Raigad districts.
  10. PAWS provided medical help & to over 600 buffalo’s caught in Floods during May 2005. PAWS also distributed fodder & carried out flood relief operations.
  11.  PAWS organize and conduct awareness programs in more than 30 NGOs, schools, educational institutes each year. In year 2013 & 2014 PAWS extended its awareness programs till Port-Blair – Andman Islands
  12.  As a founder of PAWS, invited in many schools, colleges, institutions and social organizations to present a speech on wildlife rescue and rehab, animals welfare as well as Vegetarianisms.
  13. PAWS has celebrity supporters like John Abraham as Patron. Also famous personalities like Maneka Gandhi, Anjoo Mahendroo, Abhay Deol, Kitu Gidwani, Hema Malini, Rajiv Paul, Sandip Soparrkar, Raveena Tandon help and support PAWS.
  14. In year 2012, PAWS recived awards from Rotract Clubs of K. V. Pendharkar College & Rotract Club of Birla College for 10 years in Service of Animal Welfare & Wildlife Rehab.
  15. PAWS received award ‘Hero to Animals’ from PETA India in year 2012. PAWS also received award from as TOP RATED NON-PROFIT OF 2013 in August 2013.

Other Info.

Date of birth – 10th June 1979

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