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Following brochures are published by PAWS and are available free of cost to interested parties. Those interested in obtaining any of these brochures can contact us at:

Email:  , Whatsapp: 9820161114



A Cage is a prison: LET BIRDS FLY FREE

This brochure provides a summary of what you need to know about caged birds and the trading of birds as pets. It also helps you understand what you can do to help birds in distress and discourage this cruel practice of bird trading.


Ethical Bird watching & Photography

It is important to understand what comprises as unethical bird watching and what is the right way of pursuing this beautiful hobby. This brochure provides information about the DO’s and DONT’s of bird watching and how to ensure that no disturbance or harm is caused to birds while observing them in their natural habitat.


Safe Snake Rescue

Snakes are perhaps the most misunderstood creatures on this planet. However, they are important part of nature and contribute significantly to pest reduction. This brochure gives complete information about the dangers of snake bites, the first aid that can be administered, and the prevention of snake bites. It also informs you about the DO’s and DONT’s of Snake Rescue.

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 Know About snakes

India houses approximately 10% of the total snake species found in the world. Know about the common snake species found in India and their characteristics. Also, learn about the most common myths about snakes, how to keep snakes away from your home, and how to prevent snake bites. This brochure is available in both English and Marathi.


ACT now to save trees

Know how you can prevent the cutting of trees simply by knowing an ACT. This brochure gives complete information about what you as a citizen can do to prevent the cutting of trees and why it is of utmost importance that you do so. It also provides you with the basic outline of a sample complaint letter you can send, to draw the attention of the authorities to the illegal cutting of trees.




 PAWS : PAWS Activity Brochure

This brochure lists and explains all the activities conducted by PAWS and some of its achievements.


 The numbers that matter for animals!

This brochure provides a list of contacts and help lines that you as an animal lover should know to help any animal in distress all across Mumbai, Thane,Raigad and Pune. This ensures immediate local help to the animals which can make a difference in a Life & Death situation of a suffering animal.


 A short & splendid guide for volunteers on the DO’s and DONT’s while working with PAWS & serving the Animal Welfare fraternity.

This Brochure gives an overview of what it means to be a volunteer with PAWS, the tasks, and the DO’s and DONT’s of a volunteer.


 Rabies: What you must know

Rabies; people are familiar with the term still unaware of the concept. This Brochure helps clear those misunderstandings by giving complete information from: What exactly is Rabies?, its symptoms, preventive measures and first aid.


 How helping an animal in distress is much easier than you thought

This brochure helps you understand how you can make a difference in helping animals. It gives you information about how you can become a truly effective volunteer of PAWS by being active at a local level and spreading the message and motivating more people to take up the cause of animal welfare.




 Animal Laws Brochure:

This brochure explains in detail the sections of Animal laws existing in Indian Constitution.


 Poster for Societies that don’t allow the feeding of strays and put restrictions on pets

This poster publicizes the laws written in Indian Constitution that urges people to show compassion to all living things and not to eliminate any animal from its local surrounding.


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  1. I am quite sure, i am in need of few of these brochures for myself, as they seem so informative and with diverse information about almost all aspects of animal welfare. And now I know from where to get them….. 😉

  2. Great job by PAWS, you have actually covered all topics from helping animals, to cutting down of trees, to spreading knowledge about disease and finally aspects of photography. Also the Do’s and Dont’s as a Volunteer or as a Rescuer is of great value for people who need to understand the delicacy of animal welfare work…. I am very impressed about this task that you have undertaken for spreading awareness, remarkable work….. 😀

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