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Posted on 27-01-2016

Electronic transfers can be made following ways.

Bank: ICICI Bank Ltd,

Branch: Dombivli MIDC

A/C. Number: 008801026804

IFSC Code: ICIC0000088


Posted on 01-10-2014
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Posted on 10-11-2012
Dear Animal Lovers & Friends,
Many of you must have received our New Year Appeal by now or within a day or 2 you will receive it. This mail is in regards to that only.
As you are aware, we started rescuing animals @ our own center @ Murbad & we are successful in rescuing hundreds of animals,abandoned pet . This difficult task would have not been complete with your active voluntarily & financial support over the years. I am always greatful to you for the same.
But, time now have come to explain all of you the problem which PAWS faces in day-to-day running & list of items that we are need always to help our furry friends…
At  Murbad Rescue Center, we have now 1 care-taker, 1 LSS (Para vet), 1 Visiting Vet, 2 Security Guard & in office we have 1 Manager, 1 Helpline Assistant  & 1 Ambulance driver. The cost of salary goes every month which is Rs.50,000/- exactly. We also have following bills to be paid each month.
Deep Medical – Medicines/Vaccines – Approx. 5,000/-
Helpline Bills – Approx. 2,500/-
Vichare Courier – Approx. 1,000/-
Staff Welfare, Medical & conveyance – 3,000/-
Ambulance Maintenance – 10,000/-
Ambulance Fuel – 25,000/-
Internet Bill – 450/-
Printing & Stationary – 2,000/-
Hospital Utensils & Cleaning – 3,000/-
Dog Food – 15,000/-
We require a minimum amount of RS 1,00,000/- (One Lakh) in our bank accounts to continue working for welfare of animals, otherwise it is difficult to survive each month. This is the reason I had sent mails to all of you! Guys i kindly request you all please donate now & help us in continuing our crucial work for helping Animals!
Let me remind you that we do not have FCRA, so we cant receive any foreign funds except from few friends who send small amounts via their Indian contacts. We do not receive a single penny from Govt. as grant & we are solely dependent on kind donations from everyone of you.
If you donate a specific amount every month, I would be more grateful & I can concentrate more on Local Wildlife rescues, Rescue Center Management, Ambulance Service & Helpline Assistance rather then running around to get required funds.
We would be happy to receive the following things as donation every month
Empty Gunny Bags – winter season – dogs to sit on
Dog Food / Cat Food / Cattle Feed
5 Liters Dettol
Brooms & Cleaning Material
Metal Containers
Dog Biscuits
Gloves & Face Muzzle
A) We are desperately looking for a sponsor to build shed over kennels which will cost approximately Rs.5 Lakhs, which will prevent leakage in kennels. the recuse centre main building is 15 years old & now urgently needs heavy maintenance.
B) We desperately need funding of Rs. 1.5 lakhs for setting up 3 solar road lights & lighting system for entire staff quater with mobile charging points. This will ensure that our staff can properly look after animals at night.
C)  Reconstruction of Toilets, Security Cabin, Water Tanks & Plumbing work pending worth Rs.40,000/-
D) We have 3 ambulances, out of which one is broken and cannot be further used for rescue work. From the remaining 2 ambulances, one is being used for rescue work and travels more than 100 kms daily. The 3rd ambulance i.e. Maruti Eeco is a wildlife rescue ambualnce which is also being used for vaccination drives and awareness programs. Both the Maruti Omni’s are have been used for more than 6 years and have already run more than 150,000 kms. We are in need of NEW ambulance. If anyone has any contacts, please pass it on, I will approach them directly…!!
We desperately require funds! Please Help Help Help!
If you have any contacts, or need more clarification, contact through Email: or sms/call on 9920777536.
Nilesh Bhanage
Founder – PAWS
Helpline +91 9820161114
“Hands that help are holier than lips that pray”

Posted on 03-1-2012

Dear PAWS Supporter!

PAWS looks up to local communities for their support. Donations from individuals and corporates is our life-line which help us to recuse animals, for which there is an enormous need in our country. An urgent and heartfelt appeal is issued for assistance which can take many forms.You can support us by visiting  which carries details of the contact and banking details of PAWS.

Electronic transfers can be made following ways.

Bank : ICICI Bank Ltd,

Branch : Dombivli MIDC

A/C. Number : 008801026804

IFSC Code : ICIC0000088


The crossed cheques can be drawn in the name of ‘Plant & Animals Welfare Society’ & dispatched it to be address:


A-18, Savitri Sadan,

Dr. Mukharji Road,

Near Nehru Ground,

Dombivli (East) 421201

Material help and support are also valued which may include the donation of items for sale, items to assist the animals (Dog food, Vety. Medicines, Blankets, Bowls, Old Cloths, Newspapers etc).

It is reiterated that PAWS does not receive any financial aid from the government. Please don’t forget that our mandatory expenses such as ambulance fuel, vaccines and medicines, salaries & wages, telephone bills have to be paid for PAWS to remain active.

The message from the PAWS is to come out and support the animal welfare movement as a whole. Every rupee makes a difference. Signing up for a debit order or pay order ensures reliable, budget income all year-round basis.

We kindly call you all for meaningful support!!



Helpline +91 9820161114

“Hands that help are holier than lips that pray”


SYSCOM’s Management students done internship with PAWS last year, this year they made a film on animal welfare (PAWS) & won 1st price in their competition.

Now this film has been uploaded on PAWS TV1 on you tube. Have look…

You may subscribe the TV on YouTube, like the page.


Nilesh Bhanage
Founder – PAWS



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  1. Hi Nilesh,

    You are doing an amazing job. A small suggestion that could help you. Please add post to facebook button on your blog. It will help in letting people know. Like today I called your helpline to resuce a pigeon chick. And with one hour Sumit your volunteer was at my place.

    You could add the facebook button by clicking on Dashboard/Settings/Sharing menu.

    Keep up the great work.



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